We are happy to take a look at any collection
Send your card list to info@happylittlehugfactory.com, and we can discuss details from there.
Please include: Card Name, Set Name, and Condition

We are actively looking for these singles:
Magic – Top 50 Standard, Modern, Commander, Pauper (non-Foil)
Flesh and Blood – https://bit.ly/36KXOVx
Force of Will – https://bit.ly/32V8obh

Final buy price will be sent in an offer via email.
The prices included in the above buy lists are only an estimate, as prices can drastically fluctuate.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing your great collections!

*** All offers assume Near Mint, there is a 25% reduction for LP and 35% reduction for MP, we check for surface wear, dents, and scratches