Force of Will -- Epic of the Dragon Lord -- Booster Box

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This is the first set in the Saga Cluster.

Introduces the Rogue race.
Includes support for the Beast, Deity, Demon, Dragon, Dragonoid, Elf, Human, Knight, Spirit, Vampire, Wanderer, Wizard, and Zombie races.
Introduces the "[Alternative]", "[Exploration]", and "[Revenge]" keywords/mechanics.

Set Breakdown
101 different cards in total.
Rulers: 6
Marvel Rares: 5
Super Rares: 15
Rares: 20
Normals: 55

One pack will contain ten cards (six commons, one rare/super rare/marvel rare, one foil, one basic magic stone, and one token).

One box will contain 36 packs, as well as a promo card.

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