Gate Ruler -- Giant Mechs & Yokai IN SPACE -- Starter Deck

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What is in the deck
▪ 17 Kinds, Total 51 cards
▪ 1 Rule Sheet
▪ 1 Playmat Sheet
Players can play Gate Ruler with 51 cards!

About this deck
No cards in hand!? No costs to play cards!? Unbelievably simple but unimaginably exciting, dominate your opponents with overwhelmingly powerful cards that you get to play for free!

What is Gate Ruler?

Gate Ruler is a brand new trading card game (TCG), developed as the ultimate card game that TCG lovers everywhere have been waiting for.

Thanks to the simple but revolutionary “ruler” mechanic, this game can be easily picked up by novice card gamers, while simultaneously offering plenty of strategic depth for TCG veterans.

By giving players the freedom to choose how to play the game itself, it can accommodate a wide range of skill levels. Whether they want to play a game where every move needs to be carefully considered to achieve victory, or take delight in strokes of luck or misfortune that define moments of great excitement, it’s all up to the player to decide.

The world of Gate Ruler offers something for everyone, with majestic dragons, noble knights, giant robots, awesome superheroes, folkloric monsters, sci-fi military technology… and the list goes on and on.

Take on the role of a gate ruler and conscript these forces into your deck to fight under your command. Then join the struggle to defend Earth from the onslaught of sinister Exvaders!

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